Track Your Order

Where and how far do you deliver?

We will provide any order of any size within a four-hour driving circle of our warehouses. We do not offer shipping far beyond that. You would have to rent a truck or a driver to pick it up from one of our stores. This is the area around our stores in which we deliver. We do not deliver to the USA.
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How much does it cost for delivery?

Here is how you can find out how much it will cost you to have it shipped right to your door!

First, Gather all the items you wish to purchase and click checkout now!

Next, you will want to type in all of your information and then: "Continue to Shipping Options."

Once you've done that, You can change the delivery method to Freight or Pickup as shown here:

Now all you have to do is click place order, and it will be immediately processed, and you will receive an email with your shipping information.

What do I do if my order arrives damaged?

We take a lot of care and do our best to handle our products carefully, many of our products are heavy and awkward to handle so equipment such as lifts and forklifts are used. This often leads to very minor cosmetic scratches or dents that do not interfere with the function of the product in any way. However, if the damage is severe enough we have ways to repair or replace the product. Please reach out to us via email if your product arrives damaged and we can help.

Can I order by phone or do I need to order online?

We would prefer you order online and here is why. When you call in we can help you get through your order and place it for you however we are just entering it online for you. Our online store is our inventory level as well, so any orders placed that are not online messes with the accuracy of the online inventory, not such a big deal if there are 50 or 100 in stock but when we are down to the last one or two the accuracy of the online store really matters. 

Is there a warranty on what I buy?

We deal with the best manufacturing companies that make the best products, which means that we carry the best warranties. Each manufacturer carries its own warranty and they all are different. If you have purchased an item and want to find out more about the warranty Head back to your purchased item in the store and scroll down and click Warranty. All warranty information about your product will be listed there. and if there is no warranty box, there is no warranty.

I placed an order and have not heard anything?

Usually, it is springtime or early summer when this question gets asked. With slow production and many, many backorders, it is very difficult to keep everyone in the loop all the time. We are working on a web-based solution for this however for now this is done the old school way, we actually call you when we have your order ready to be either picked up in-store or to set the delivery time with you. By all means, you can call us however we would prefer you send an email with your order number and we can get back to you with the order status.