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Stock tanks are standard farm fixtures, they are made from galvanized metal or plastic, they are round, oval-shaped or square and are traditionally recommended to be used to hold water and feed for livestock, this is why you are looking at a website that sells livestock equipment to farmers to purchase your stock tank pool for the backyard or deck of your home. These tank pools are far sturdier than their cheap blow-up counterparts, and way, way more affordable than an in-ground or even above-ground swimming pool.

Cowboy pools, hillbilly pools, water trough pools, kiddie pools, or whatever you want to call them, come in a variety of shapes and sizes with the LARGEST TANK being our exclusive 10' round galvanized or poly tanks. These massive tanks hold well over 1000 gallons of water and have lots of room to splash around in.  However, if you really want to go big, you can move into our bottomless stock tanks which are available in sizes up to 30' round but they are a lot more work to install and are considerably more expensive so most will opt-in for an actual above ground pool instead of one of these tanks.

   The recommended and intended use for the galvanized stock tanks is to fill them with NON-TREATED water on farms and ranches for livestock—​cattle, horses, goats, sheep, etc. to drink. The Galvanized tanks are not designed to hold chemically treated water ... CHLORINATED WATER WILL DAMAGE THE COATING OVER TIME ... Please read our article regarding corrosion and coatings HERE.

With that said, many people want the galvanized stock tanks for their stunning visual appearance and coatings are available to reduce the corrosion of chlorine, so with a little imagination and ingenuity along with a stay at home directive these unassuming farm fixtures have turned into popular, beautiful works of art in backyards as ponds, garden beds, kiddie pools, dunk pools, ice bath, baptismal, hot tubs and many other ingenious things that have dominated the pages of social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram over the last few years. Please read our article on what makes a quality stock tank HERE.


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