… and a little bit about us … Livestock Equipment Canada is owned by the Gambriel family in Waterford, Ontario. We have been in the automotive repair and alternative fuels research industry for the last 35 years. Through that experience of being on the dealer side of many different automotive distributors, we have become quite efficient in recognizing the sometimes subtle differences between really good quality merchandise and distributors and the not so good.
Along the way, we have etched out a niche market in automotive repair supplying our clients with a "concierge-type service,” looking after all the details of owning an automobile, including consultation services for new car purchases or insurance matters. We found many clients didn’t know what to do with their vehicles in various situations, so we provided them with the honest and straightforward answers they needed.
As our automotive concierge service grew, so did our children who soon became "horse people.” At first co-boarding horses at neighbouring farms, then, owning their very own equine friends. This new ownership lead to the search for quality equine products like stalls, fencing, and other large items and straightforward information required when owning a horse, or two, or three, then four, then… ????



What we found was that while the west coast has access to high-quality equine handling products, we could not acquire much of the "good stuff” here in Eastern Canada. We experienced deficiencies in structural integrity as well as fit and finish in most of the products available to us. Most alarmingly, light materials and subpar welds were causing our gates to bend and even break!

Contacting the manufacturers with west coast distribution networks revealed a need for them to get their products to the east. Our entrepreneurial spirit kicked into high gear, and we went to work to see if there was a solution to the problem. After some market research and analysis, we found that no one was operating in this niche. Canada East Supply & Distribution Inc. was officially born.

As the website grew, our business grew also. Very quickly, we moved from being an Eastern distributor only, to a Canada-wide distributor. We adapted, rebranded ourselves to the more fitting name of "Livestock Equipment Canada.” This new niche online market with Livestock Equipment Canada, which will bring the same honesty, integrity, and eye for quality to livestock and agricultural equipment supply and distribution as we have with automotive repair.

Product availability and product support are essential to you as a customer; that is why we will be growing and starting franchise’s across the country. Check out our Locations page for more information about a store near you.  If you want to know more about our franchise program click HERE.

So now you know a bit more about us, feel free to browse through the unique website that we have built. We have tried to make everything clear to understand and easy to navigate, so grab a coffee or tea and browse around our thousands of exclusive, quality products.

Don’t forget, we will ship them right to your door.