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    The Southern Ontario Store is the primary or flagship store and is the first store in the Livestock Equipment Canada franchise network. Ideas on how we can improve our industry get tested at this location. If those ideas prove successful, then we roll those ideas out to the other stores. We also do a lot of product development and testing here. We get a real kick out of all the carnage and destruction when testing new product samples. We love to see how much abuse a product can take before it breaks. Doing this gives you absolute peace of mind when purchasing one of our products. Our mission statement sums up what we do.

"Raise the quality bar in the livestock industry by sourcing the best products. Then share them with everyone."

Read our corporate article here to learn more about our origins and how and why our company started.

That is what we say, but what do our customers say? We asked them to review us on google, and here are a few examples.


6 months ago

"Ordered some 2"x4" kennel fence panels. Order process was easy. Delivered pretty quickly too. The driver was a really nice guy. I hope to get purchase some items from here in the future!"


a year ago

"Great experience! We ordered a 10' x 3' stock tank and it was delivered the next day (4 hours away). It was earlier than expected so they called to ensure that we were able to receive the delivery so quickly. Super friendly to deal with ????"


4 years ago

"Wow! Great service... Very personable and answers you're questions with a smile. Thank you for your speedy delivery of my stock tank which has many uses... Lol... Like a soaking pool and a kiddies pool for my grandchildren! ????"

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Livestock Equipment Canada - Southern Ontario Store

2942 Cockshutt Rd Waterford Ont.