Welcome. First off we thank you for taking a few minutes to read more about becoming an affiliate store with us. 

  • Are you sick and tired of all the JUNK agricultural products in our marketplace across Canada?
  • Do you want to supply customers with top-quality livestock and farm equipment from the world's best manufacturers?
  • Do you own a farm, farm supply store or a building that you want to increase its income?
  • Do you want to go E-Commerce but dont know where to start or have found out how expensive it is to do properly?
  • Do you want become part of a unique buying group and marketing business model that is designed to help your existing business?
  • Do you like the idea of adding a banner program to your business that gives you all the help in the areas you need help in?

    If you answered yes to the above questions, you are well underway to becoming the new Livestock Equipment Canada store in your area.


We know that you have the passion to build the store and have already put in long hours and a ton of work to make your store successful. We are also quite certain that at some point you have "hit the wall" and needed some help to get your business to the next level and nothing was available to you. UNTILL NOW.

Benefits of Being part of the Livestock Equipment Canada banner program

  • NO upfront buy in fees like you would have with a franchise.
  • Affordable monthly subscription fee to our entire E platform
  • Your E-commerce store is on the largest livestock equipment website in Canada giving you instant traffic and top SEO.
  • Access to our professional livestock equipment email network and CRM
  • Become instantly recognizable with Signs, logos and marketing material that stand out Canada wide.
  • Full business management system, time clock, project development, CRM invoicing and accounting.
  • Full manufacturing management system, from raw product in to finished product out.
  • Custom marketing for both local and countrywide exposure.
  • Confidently and efficiently provide your customers with the highest quality products and the absolute best equipment with the best warranties in the industry.
  • Market saturation protection through the use of protected areas and exclusive distribution.
  • Volume Pricing for better profit margins.
  • All products are shipped directly to you by Livestock Equipment Canada. We handle the border and customs so you don't have to.
  • Complete product support with LIFETIME warranties on select products
  • All warranties are handled internally. We've got your back.
  • Easy online direct ordering, all the information you need is at your fingertips.
  • Exclusive point-of-sale credit card and E-commerce rates
  • Exclusive shipping rates
  • Factory direct marketing materials
  • Shows and events promoting the local store

Signing up with our banner program and becoming an affiliate store is a quick way to boost your business. We are here to help you IN your business.

Growth: Becoming an affiliate store you can grow your business very quickly. Instantly adding the resources you need to boost your online presence, finally getting the business management tools and training to use them to service your customers better etc. We are here helping you through each growth phase, allowing you to skip those costly mistakes and awkward growing stages and head straight to the next level.

Stability: Because of our exclusive product lines we carry and the unique website in Canada, our stores have a history of surpassing their expectations of what their business can be like.

Brand Awareness: Everyone trusts businesses that are instantly recognizable to them. Working with us means working with a company that has already gotten customers to recognize who we are and what we do, which makes your job easier.

Business Assistance: As with any business, so much must be considered. Many business owners stumble through the day to day business stuff never realizing that there are better ways to do things, easier ways. We give you the assistance you need to feel well-equipped and confident with our management systems. We offer training along with support and all sorts of other help that has to do with running your business.

Prime e-commerce and online advertising: We offer a unique online shopping experience for your customers that is constantly being updated and upgraded, continually evolving to be more beneficial to your business. Notice that it is YOUR STORE on our website. That means YOUR pricing, YOUR inventory and most importantly, YOUR sale.

No Competition: We ensure each area is protected so you will never compete with another Livestock Equipment Canada store next door. Adding our exclusive products and website to this mix gives you the whole pie, not just a piece.

Safe Investment: Most business opportunities require a considerable output of cash which always carries risk. Our business model REMOVES ALL RISK. An affordable monthly fee that pays for itself in 2 or 3 online sales, short contract lengths allow flexibility in your business if things change are just a couple of the things that make signing your business up with us a very easy decision.

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