These are one of the very few stock tanks on the market still made out of all 20GA, G90 steel. Other manufacturers use cheaper materials and avoid talking about their warranties, but we are proud to promote our industry-leading 5-year warranty on the Black Label stock tanks.

Other features include: 4-ply lock seams with contained sealant for maximum leak protection, a .875" steel pipe rolled into the top of each tank to create a crush-proof rim, tough, long-lasting galvanized zinc plating, a standard .75" one-piece threaded plug assembly and the largest selection of sizes available to meet your needs.
Using these tanks to make your very own stock tank pool in your backyard alone does not affect the warranty. HOWEVER, drilling holes to accommodate hoses and fittings will void your warranty completely. Also, using water treated with chlorine, salt or bromine will void your finish and corrosion warranty. We will always recommend using a poly tank when using chemically treated water. However, being careful and diligent on the amount of water treatment used will go a long way.
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